On this page you will see single images of my most current sculptural expressions. When you select a sculpture by clicking on an image you will move forward to a page that has different views with dimensions, title and a brief description of the composition in the scale that it was produced in. Also on these secondary pages there are presented hypothetical applications of the sculpture, when presented in different scales and environments. This presentation tries to show the possibilities that varying scale will do to the sculpture. As you know sculpture defines the space that it exists in as well as being defined by the space.

This relationship can be harmonic or conflicting in either case the end result should produce a visual and spatial dynamic. Sculpture can exist in any scale from table top to plaza size and larger, it is the scale issue that causes the material itself to become thicker or thinner so that the sculpture can support itself and still have the same desired visual effects. All the work that is presented is in yard scale, with no pieces being larger than 12 feet high in all cases the width varies defined by the actual arrangement of the sculptural components themselves. If you are interested in quotes or to discuss site specific commissions use the contact link to e-mail your specific requirements.
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