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As an artist I am not painting images meant to be perverse, troublesome or confrontational, but images that allow the mind to release to an emotional plane or a visceral plane. I have explored an issue of scale that I was able to translate into all of the paintings that I have explored... Producing a number of abstract pieces that are large format, these paintings capture your attention and it is impossible to be in the same room with them and not be linked to them. In my abstract paintings I am moving from the hard line graphic representation to a more fluid transition of the colored elements. At times adding layers of different elements in reflective or translucent colors that produce a level of awareness in the painting that changes as one moves within the space. The abstract work is all about increasing the level of awareness and possibility of increasing ones perception of the work in the three-dimensional space, and also demanding the viewers complete attention.

As for the realistic work which I enjoy creating as much as working in the abstract genre, I am painting scenes in what I call the “Americana Series”. Which features images from various regions of the American landscape, and delineating them in a bold and more color intense presentation. All realistic canvases are larger than 4 feet in their minimum dimension. These features of scale and color make them real and "not so real" but also allows you enter into the work and experience the emotional quality of the view that is portrayed in the individual paintings. Please enjoy the work and check the site frequently as more and more paintings will be added. If you are interested in purchasing any of the work or would like to commission a large format painting for your specific environment, or to set up a gallery show use the contact link and we will be able to discuss your needs.

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